So it's getting to be that time of year again when I think that someone, somewhere might be interested in the things I have to say... So here I am again, blugging. You know- crummy blogging.

I have this thing about consistency. I can't stand that I can't make up my mind about what sort of blog I should have. Have I mentioned this before? I hope so, because at least then I'll have been consistent. Anyway, I'm going to resist the urge to go through the archives and purge any posts that don't fit my current vision and just move forward. Keep typing. Post a while.

Brett and I are knee deep in wedding bonanza right now and while I've tried to stay pretty mum about the process unless directly asked, let me say this about wedding planning. It's like death by snu snu:


Totally wonderful and just exhausting at the same time. We had a vision for a simple, humble farm wedding and yet . . . it still costs so much.  I will just tell you all one thing right now- we're in the wrong business. Unless you are in the wedding business, in which case, onward.

After the honeymoon it will be life as usual, except it won't. I'll be starting a part-time position when I return and it will be a new adventure, both professionally and personally. I'm excited about the idea of having more free time to keep our new family's lives in order, to pursue old hobbies and craft new ones. I'm anxious about living on a reduced budget and making the lifestyle change necessary for the transition.

Being a young adult is just a freaking ride sometimes, isn't it?

On that note, I'll leave you with a philosophy I'm earnestly trying to seek as I move forward:

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