Christmas Craft Tour: Homemade Gift Tags/Ornaments

I read A Beautiful Mess pretty religiously. And while some of the projects those girls do stem from their natural artistic ability (which I do not have) some set the bar low enough that I can feasibly achieve some success. Such are these gift tags! Here is the original post for the project. You'll notice that I've copied it very closely, right down to the designs themselves. I'm a wonderful copy cat and a piss poor artist. Anyway, here's the process!

Sculpey Clay is available at Walmart for about $6. My package made about 30 small gift tags. If you want bigger ornaments or have more tags to make- go for two. 

I don't actually have any round cookie cutters so I used the cap from a plastic martini shaker and a small, square hors d'oeuvres bowl. 

Here's my drawing process. You'll notice that most of my tags turned out brown, not white like the original project. This is because once again, I failed to properly read directions. (Noticing a pattern here?) I really over-baked them because I expected for them to harden while baking. In reality, they harden as they cool and I didn't realize that until the last 6 or so that I baked. However, my wrapping this year is just some brown kraft paper and string and so it goes quite well.

The original post recommends using a paint pen, but I found a sharpie worked just fine. See? 

The crop of them: 

I rounded them up, took them upstairs, and started wrapping away! I'm still not finished wrapping the gifts I've purchased! 

I'm really happy with how these turned out! They make the plain packages look special and personalized. The tags are tied up with gold ribbon and can be used as ornaments later! A definite success in my book. Inexpensive, easy, and impressive. 


  1. Reminds me of when Nell was 3 and her daycare had a christmas party. I made shortbread cookies cut into rectangles and wrote the name of each kid on one cookie. Another mom at the party was in the same grad program as me, and not realizing I had brought those, she said, "Can you believe someone wrote each name on a cookie? Who has that kind of time?"

    1. Did you say, "I dunno but she must be AN AWESOME MOTHER!" Hehehe..


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